Saturday, August 23, 2008

Geek Arts n Crafts

One of the boards I frequent for old roleplaying games, Original D&D Discussions, had a thread on homemade Dungeon Master's Screens for Original D&D. DM's Screens are cardboard standups used to block the players from seeing the maps, notes and die rolls of the Dungeon Master during a game. I had made one over the winter, and decided to post about it.

Anyway, here are photos of it! I made it out of cardstock and self-stick laminating sheets. The castle images came from a foldup paper castle model set I had, and the charts from a .pdf of the Judges Guild Ready Ref sheets.


Jim said...

Man, that GM screen is awesome. The Castle look is great. Can you duplicate the look for other games like Labyrinth Lord? 2008

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