Friday, November 7, 2008

End of an Era

After 12 years or so of presenting it's weekly internet gaming magazine, Steve Jackson Games is shutting down Pyramid. They will be converting over to a monthly pdf format, and are even prorating current subscribers over to a 6 month subscription if they want.

To quote Steven Marsh, Pyramid Editor: "With more and more content of all kinds available free on the web, subscription sales slumped. We hoped that subscribers would be willing to pay for extra quality. In trying to reach that goal, we made Pyramid SUCH a good deal, in terms of price per word, that all our effort on it earned very little money. The obvious conclusion was to either kill the magazine completely, or bring it in line with other products with similar budgets."

Of course, they are refunding subscribers if they choose that option, and I did.

I will miss Pyramid Online. It was the first place to check if you wanted to confirm some weird message board rumor about the gaming industry. They ran great comics. Every Friday for the past 10+ years, it was the first thing I'd read in the day. And the weekly poll: sometimes timely, sometimes oddball but always fun and interesting.
I wish the new monthly Pyramid well, but it's sad to see things change.

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