Sunday, May 18, 2008

Meet Pippin, King of the Hamsters!

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to the newest member of Team Zieser: Pippin! Pippin is a Syrian Black Bear Hamster, and is just the coolest little guy ever! I can hear him now, as I type, his little wheel squeaking away happily.

All this came about quite suddenly yesterday. I had been wanting to have a new pet, but another Chihuahua was certainly not going to work out at this time in our lives. So, we went to Pet-Co a few weeks ago and looked around at different little pets. I liked the hamsters best, but nothing seemed to draw our eye enough to purchase anything.

Last night, I was at the GAMES! at the BRBC event and I got a call from Jenn saying that there was a new little friend at our house. She had gone looking at hamsters while I was there and got him as a suprise. Pip came right up to the glass and pawed at her, and that's how she knew he was the one for us! I, of course, was very excited, and soon was rushing home to greet our new little friend. Names were bandied about (Zaphod, Solomon, Boba Fett, Attila) but the one that stuck was Pippin (or Pip, or Pip the Mighty Squeak). We couldn't be happier with the little guy, and once I figure our how to hold him properly, then all will be well. (He made a short-lived escape, but was soon retrieved!) Moses seems to like him a lot, and gets up on his hind legs to peer into the cage at him.

So, please to welcome Pippin into your electronic homes and hearts! Hopefully, I can keep everyone updated on his progress and blather on about yet another pet all the time!

All Hail the Mighty Pip!!

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